The event will be run over 6 days as follows…


Monday 10th November

08:00 Men’s Epee Individual

11:30 Women’s Sabre Individual


Tuesday 11th November

08:00 Women’s Foil Individual

10:00 Men’s Sabre Individual


Wednesday 12th November

08:00 Men’s Foil Individual

10:00 Women’s Epee Individual


Thursday 13th November

Men’s Epee Teams 11:15

Women’s Sabre Teams  11:15


Transport, Friday 14th Nov: hotels and Inverclyde

Transport, Saturday 15th Nov: hotels and Inverclyde

Transport, Sunday 16th Nov: hotels and Inverclyde


Friday 14th November

Women’s Foil Teams & Men’s Sabre Teams


Saturday 15th November

Men’s Foil Teams and Women’s Epee Teams



Poules and Direct Elimination to Last 4:         08:00 to 17:30

Medal Matches:                                                18:00 to 21:00


Opening Ceremony

Will happen before the medal matches start on Monday 10th November


Timetable – Individual Events (please note that only the start times for the pools and the last-4 times are fixed, the rest of the fights may run early.